Two PhD positions, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

Dear colleagues,

we are happy to announce that we are inviting applications for two PhD-Positions in the SNSF-Project "Europe's Un/Deserving: Moralizations of Inequality in Comparative Perspective" (1.1.2021-31.12.2024) at the School for Humanities and Social Sciences, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. The 4-year project is headed by Prof. Dr. Jelena Tosic and co-coordinated by Dr. Andreas Streinzer and is based on a cooperation with Prof. Dr. Violetta Zentai (Center for Policy Studies, CEU, Budapest).

The two PhD students' essential duty will be to develop, write and submit a PhD dissertation at the University of St. Gallen based on their respective research in one of the two sub-projects:

 “Productive families and capable mothers: Un/deservingness in Hungarian family policy“, conducted in cooperation with Prof. Violetta Zentai, (CEU, Budapest). The project focuses on the re-organization of family policy in Hungary (in particular after 2010) and its ideological underpinnings (“proper” deserving family, gender conservatism, nationalism etc.). More info:

 “Un/deserving to “be Swiss”: Re-assessing “Schweizermachen” and dual citizenship” conducted in cooperation with Prof. Jelena Tosic and Dr. Sandra King-Savic. The project focuses on the aftermath of the revised Swiss citizenship law (2014), and its ambiguous combination of liberalism and a pronounced gendered and culturalising boundary-making towards (migrant) “otherness”. More info:
The deadline for applying is July 31st 2020.
Please share widely and come back to us for questions and clarifications.
Best regards,
Jelena Tosic and Andreas Streinzer